Walking tours on Leka

50 waymarked hiking trails on Leka

Leka is a paradise for people fond of hiking and “rock crazy” visitors ! You can choose among 50 trails, depending on your time, desire and physical shape. Use our planning map and trail overview to select your preferred route and find parking and the route’s starting point.

Overview of all hiking trails on Leka

You will find all of the waymarked hiking trails on Leka at the Norwegian hiking network website, www.ut.no under Leka commune (i.e. municipality). The trail descriptions are in Norwegian by default, but you can download specific routes and print out the maps. There is also a translation function, which makes it possible to view the descriptions in other languages as well.

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Trail marking according to national standards.

The trail routes that are marked on Leka are waymarked according to the standard as defined in the Norwegian national hiking trail project.


Some recommended hiking tours on Leka

With fully 50 routes to choose among, you have an extremely varied selection. We have picked out some special treats for you!


If you follow the road north from Herlaugshaugen and Skei, you will come to Skeisnesset. Here, prepared trails wind their way through the coastal heathland, between burial mounds and viewpoints.

Herlaugsløypa Hiking Trail

Waymarked round-trip hiking trail in the Leka Mountains, including magnificent views and many geological treats. Designated by a German travel guide as one of the three most beautiful hiking routes in Scandinavia. Adjoining trail routes to Vattind, Kolsettuva and Hundøyrån are recommended (Note: these routes are not included in the specified distance and hiking time).

The “Støypet” Walking Trail

Merka løype over fargerike bergarter fra havbunnskorpas dypeste del. Rullesteinstranda 90 moh (Støypet) ble brukt av steinaldermenneskene for 10.000 år siden. Steinene har fascinerende mange farger og former.

Lekamøya from Solsem

The hiking trail from Solsem goes through heathy meadow and across ancient sea bottom of pebbly rocks. You pass a stone quarry before the trail goes up along a narrow passage, and you will see the well-known profile of Lekamøya.