Guided tours in the Solsemcave

Solsemcave summer 2023:

There are guided tours in Solsemhula on the following dates/times:

Sunday 7/9 at 1800
Wednesday 12/7 at 1800
Tuesday 18/7 at 1800
Thursday 20/7 at 1800
Sunday 23/7 at 1800
Tuesday 25/7 at 1800
Thursday 27/7 at 1800

Adults NOK 200 / 20 Euros
Barn NOK 50 / 5 Euro

Payment is made at VIPPS or with cash, Everyone goes at their own risk.

Contact can be made to:
SMS to 99593967.

More about the Solsemcave

Because cave paintings are rare and extremely
vulnerable forms of rock art, Solsem Cave can
only be visited under the watchful eye of a
guide. The steep entrance has steps and a rope
handrail. The path up to the cave is in rough
terrain, and is unsuitable for disabled people.
You follow the path and visit the cave
at your own risk and responsibility.
A guided trip takes 1½ – 2 hours.




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