Nessodden from Våttvika

Hiking route across heath-clad hilltops to the picturesque grassy meadow at Nessodden, also called Lekaskagen, where the Leka Fjord meets Røingen and the Atlantic Ocean.

From the parking area, you walk along a gravel road toward Bukkatalgen, and continue on a trail along the hilltop to the highest point at Skeisnesset, Steggafjellet (48 m.a.s.l.). From here, the landscape is hillier with some occasional wet areas. Just north of Steggafjellet Mountain, you can take a side-trip to Kalvvikene and view some conglomerates of pebbles. Some of the stones in the conglomerate actually come from the American bedrock. Further on, you pass by Helvetestjønna Pond and Jakobsteinvika Cove, known as the dwelling place of gnomes and goblins, before you finally reach the expansive grassy meadow at Nessodden.



7,2 km Tur/retur