Ivarshallaren – hike to viewpoint at Skeisnesset

From Ivarshallaren, you get a panoramic view of the shipping lane, the Helgeland islands and the bird conservation areas to the north and west; Skeisnesset, Leknesøyene, Hortavær and Sklinna. Follow the trail from the parking area across heather-clad hills and stay left toward the west at the first trail crossing. You pass a peat shed along the way. The last part goes up along rocky hillside.

Skeisnesset is a popular outdoor recreation area with many hiking trails – a wide open heathland landscape with monumental burial mounds and magnificent views. Info signs along the way provide facts about local nature, cultural history, geology, Norse sagas and fairy tales. The area features exciting geology and rich plant life, and the wetlands to the west are protected as a bird conservation area.